Dataset Edition

General information
Dataset nameMCS et/ou nuages
Created on2017-06-26
Useful in the framework ofAMMA > AMMA-SOP
Dataset Contact(s)
Data availabilityNo data are currently available for this dataset. Click here to receive an email when this dataset becomes available
PurposephD research at the University of Yaounde 1
Instrument typeImaging Spectrometers/Radiometers
Parameter nameMesoscale convective system
Parameter keywordAtmosphere > Atmospheric Phenomena > Monsoons
Unitcentimeters per second - cm/s
Acquisition methodology and qualitySatellite image of MCS or clouds during the days 07, 08 and 09 of september 2006
Vertical level typenear to surface
Temporal Coverage
Date begin2006-09-07Date end2006-09-09
Geographic Coverage
Area nameWest Africa
West bounding coordinate (°)-25East bounding coordinate (°)25
North bounding coordinate (°)20South bounding coordinate (°)-5
Data resolution
Temporal resolution2006-09-08 03:00:00
Latitude resolution0.5
Longitude resolution1
Vertical resolution0.5
Grid type
Original Grid type1°x1°
Grid processing1°x1°
Data use information
Use constraintsfor research
Data policyAMMA data policy
DatabaseAMMA database
Data format(s).jpg