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Nom du jeu de donnéesIFF_ALADINA-RPAS_Save
Créé le2017-01-31
Projet(s)DACCIWA > WP1 - Boundary Layer Dynamics
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2016-07-02Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2016-07-17

Accès aux données Dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator

In V0 we did not included good-quality wind-data because of one pending wind-tunnel calibration. More reliable wind-data is now included in the newest V2. As an addition, there is an extra file of each record (called * including black carbon measurements and some low-rate sensor raw-data.


Description du jeu de données
RésuméThe aircraft ALADINA is equipped with meteorological sensors for observing temperature (slow and fast sensor available), humidity (two different sensors available) and the wind speed vector (calculated from the flow angles alpha and beta of a five-hole probe, together with dynamic pressure and attitude). Further, an upward and a downward looking pyranometer are available. The data can be used to estimate cloud coverage, but cannot be used as absolutely calibrated values. Additionally, time, latitude, longitude, altitude and attitude of the aircraft are available. The data are provided for each of the records separately. A document providing the time sections for the different parts of the flight (vertical profiles, straight legs) is additionally included.
Strategie d'observationThe typical flight of around 30 to 40 min duration consisted of at least one vertical profile up to 1000 m (in case of low clouds: directly below the cloud base) and a star pattern with straight legs of at least 1 km length at constant altitude, with several altitudes for each flight.
RéférencesAltstädter, B., Platis, A., Wehner, B., Scholtz, A., Wildmann, N., Hermann, M., Käthner, R., Baars, H., Bange, J., and Lampert, A.: ALADINA – an unmanned research aircraft for observing vertical and horizontal distributions of ultrafine particles within the atmospheric boundary layer, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 1627–1639, 2015.
Description de l'instrument
Type d'instrumentIn Situ/Laboratory Instruments > Probes
Instrument features / Calibration5-hole probe
Observation frequency100 Hz
Information géographique
Site 1
SiteSave Airport
Type de plateformeDRONE > ALADINA
Longitude minimale (°)2.454Longitude maximale (°)2.473
Latitude maximale (°)8.025Latitude minimale (°)8.007
Altitude min0Altitude max1600
Paramètre mesuré
Nom du paramètrealpha
Mot-clé du paramètre
Unitédegrees - degrees
Méthodologie d'acquisition et qualiténeeded sophisticated calibration caused by installation issues.
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Information sur l'utilisation des données
Conditions d'utilisation des donnéesThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 603502.
Charte d'accès aux donnéesCreative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Base de donnéesDacciwa database
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