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Dataset nameTRMM - TMI - Total Column of Water Vapor - Atlantic and Africa - 0.25
Created on2016-11-29
Useful in the framework ofOPERATIONAL-DATA > Satellite products
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Data access Original dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator


PurposeThe parameters are derived from observations made by a radiometer onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite. This radiometer, the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) is well-calibrated, similar to SSM/I and contains lower frequency channels required for sea surface temperature retrievals. The TMI measures the intensity of radiation at five separate frequencies: 10.7, 19.4, 21.3, 37, 85.5 GHz. The entire data set includes sea surface temperatures (SST), surface wind speeds derived using two different radiometer channels, atmospheric water vapor, liquid cloud water and rain rates, over ocean. The algorithm for retrieving SSTs from radiometer data is described in "AMSR Ocean Algorithm" (See reference). The algorithms used to retrieve the other data (except SST) are those used in SSM/I data processing, described in "A well-calibrated ocean algorithm for SSM/I" (See reference). TRMM is a joint program between NASA and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA). The TRMM satellite travels west to east in a semi-equatorial orbit. This produces data collected at changing local times for any given earth location between 40S and 40N. So we offer ascending/descending maps of TRMM data. The entire TMI ocean data set has been completely reprocessed. As of February 14, 2003, all TMI data files have been updated from Version-3 to Version-3a. The data are available from December 1997 to the present. and the pixel resolution is 0.25 deg (25 km). The originating TMI products extracted from the originating center RSS (see Data set citation) have been converted by IPSL data center into the netcdf format for the AMMASAT database (See Data center information). No interpolation has been made. This DIF describes the dataset avalaible at IPSL.
Parameter nameTotal Column of Water Vapor
Parameter keywordAtmosphere > Atmospheric Water Vapor
Temporal Coverage
Date begin1997-12-07Date end2010-09-23
Geographic Coverage
Area nameAtlantic_Africa
West bounding coordinate (°)-60East bounding coordinate (°)40
North bounding coordinate (°)35South bounding coordinate (°)-35
Data resolution
Temporal resolution0000-00-01 00:00:00
Latitude resolution0.25
Longitude resolution0.25
Data use information
Use constraintsPublic data
Data policyAMMA data policy
Data format(s)NetCDF