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General information
Dataset nameMSG - SEVIRI - Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - West Africa - 0.05
Created on2016-11-28
Useful in the framework ofOPERATIONAL-DATA > Satellite products
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Data access Original dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator


PurposeThis NDVI product is generated by the POSTEL Service Center, using the spectral directional albedos at 0.6µm and 0.8µm derived from the SEVIRI/MSG data processed by the LSA SAF operational node at the Institute of Meteorology of Portugal. The NDVI is in the physical range [-0.2, 1].

Projection: The original LSA SAF products are presented in the satellite MSG projection. They have been put in the geographical lat/lon projection (plate-carrée) with a grid step equal to 0.05°. The West_Africa area, which covers the zone from 24.98° West to 24.98° East, and from 4.98° South to 19.98° North, have been extracted from the 0.05° resolution grid. The pixels of the grids are located by the coordinates of their center.

Product Quality: The NDVI over West Africa display a line of no-data pixel for 0° of latitude. This is an impact of a problem concerning the cloud mask in the original LSA SAF algorithm. This effect has been corrected from November 1st, 2005.
Instrument typeImaging Spectrometers/Radiometers
Parameter nameNormalized Difference Vegetation Index
Parameter keywordBiosphere > Vegetation > Vegetation Index
Temporal Coverage
Date begin2005-09-01Date end2012-10-01
Geographic Coverage
Area nameWest_Africa
West bounding coordinate (°)-24.98East bounding coordinate (°)24.98
North bounding coordinate (°)19.98South bounding coordinate (°)-4.98
Data resolution
Temporal resolution0000-00-01 00:00:00
Latitude resolution0.05
Longitude resolution0.05
Data use information
Use constraintsPublic data
Data policyAMMA data policy
Data format(s)NetCDF