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Dataset nameMULTI-SAT - EPSAT-SG - Surface Rainrate - West Africa - 0.1
Created on2016-11-28
Useful in the framework ofOPERATIONAL-DATA
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Data access Original dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator


PurposeThe EPSAT-SG method developed at LMD within the framework of AMMA combines MSG, TRMM precipitation radar (PR) and GPCP-1dd data. In a first stage, rainfall probabilities are computed from MSG multi-spectral data and from coinciding TRMM-PR data through a feed forward neural network. A "rainfall probability map" is then produced for each quarter-an-hour MSG image. In a second stage, daily rainfall efficiency maps are computed merging GPCP-1dd information with the probabilities using a rescaling procedure. Eventually combining efficiencies and probabilities data derives rainfall amount estimates. The EPSAT-SG estimates are thus produced with the MSG very high space and time resolution (3 kilometers and 15 minutes). However, in order to have a reasonable accuracy and to fit the final-user resolution requirements, the rainfall estimates are integrated on appropriate scales to provide the final EPSAT-SG product.


CAUTION : This product has only been validated for 10-Day periods and 0.5°x0.5° space resolution. Using these estimates with finer resolutions may increase notably the estimation biases.

Preliminary results of the Precip-AMMA satellite rainfall estimates evaluation can be found here.
A specific validation of the EPSAT-SG product can be found here.
A presentation of the EPSAT-SG product can be found here.

The original EPSAT-SG product is presented in the satellite MSG projection. It has been put in the geographical lat/lon projection (plate-carrée) with a grid step equal to 0.1° and a time step of 30 minutes. The West_Africa area covers the zone from 25° West to 25° East, and from 5° South to 20° North. The pixels of the grids are located by the coordinates of their center.

Units: The units are mm/30 minutes. This has to be considered as an average rainfall amount value in each 0.1° grid cell.
Instrument type
Parameter nameSurface Rainrate
Parameter keywordAtmosphere > Precipitation
Unitmillimeter - mm
Temporal Coverage
Date begin2004-06-01Date end2006-09-30
Geographic Coverage
Area nameWest Africa
West bounding coordinate (°)-25East bounding coordinate (°)25
North bounding coordinate (°)20South bounding coordinate (°)-5
Data resolution
Temporal resolution0000-00-00 00:30:00
Latitude resolution0.1
Longitude resolution0.1
Data use information
Use constraintsSee AMMA data policy.
Data policyAMMA data policy
Data format(s)NetCDF