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Dataset nameMETEOSAT - MVIRI - Mesoscale Convective Systems Tracking Climatology (LMD-LTHE) - 0.05
Created on2016-03-14
Useful in the framework ofOPERATIONAL-DATA > Satellite products
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PurposeIn West Africa, recent decades have shown significant climatic evolution. In particular, droughts conditions are continuously observed over the Sahel since the 70?s while other regions exhibit a return towards neutral long term conditions. The intimate link between the rainfall and the Mesoscale Convective Systems calls for a concurrent analysis of the evolution of the MCS over the region. A first step is performed here by computing a homogeneous analysis of 24 years of METEOSAT data. MCS are hence detected and tracked in time using the infrared imagery. A simple MCS classification is developed based on the duration of the system and its speed of propagation. Four classes are formed using thresholds selected on a physical basis of 9 hour and 10 m/s, respectively. The long term average spatial distribution of the systems is presented as well as the interannual variability. A dedicated focus on the 2006 season is proposed. This work shows that in spite of its simplicity, the present MCS classification is useful to document convection in West Africa at various scales and should be of help to better understand the observed recent climatic variations over the region.
Instrument type
Parameter nameMesoscale Convective Systems Tracking
Parameter keywordAtmosphere > Clouds
Temporal Coverage
Date begin1983-06-01Date end2006-09-30
Geographic Coverage
Area nameWest Africa
West bounding coordinate (°)-25East bounding coordinate (°)25
North bounding coordinate (°)20South bounding coordinate (°)-5
Data resolution
Temporal resolution0000-00-00 00:30:00
Latitude resolution0.05
Longitude resolution0.05
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