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Nom du jeu de donnéesCE.Sap_Ga - Tree water take-up estimations, Agoufou
Créé le2006-01-09
Projet(s)AMMA > AMMA-EOP
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2006-03-31Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2008-11-11
Accès aux données Dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator
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Description du jeu de données
RésuméThe goal is to study seasonal dynamic of water up-take by 2 phenological types of tree species in the Agoufou supersite. This data set will improve our understanding of land surface processes and it will allow validation of plant models.
Strategie d'observationSapflow measurements will be conducted on 2 main sahelian tree species (evergreen and deciduous). 1 station will be installed at the Agoufou supersite associated to soil moisture measurements (CE.SW_G). These automatic measurements will allow monitoring water up-take in soil.
Description de l'instrument
Information géographique
Site 1
Type de plateformeIn Situ Land-based Platforms > GROUND STATIONS
Longitude minimale (°)-1.48Longitude maximale (°)-1.48
Latitude maximale (°)15.34Latitude minimale (°)15.34
Altitude min305Altitude max305
Paramètre mesuré
Nom du paramètreSap Flow
Mot-clé du paramètreBiosphere > Vegetation
Unitélitres per square decimeter per hour
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2006-03-31Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2008-11-11
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Information sur l'utilisation des données
Conditions d'utilisation des donnéesPermission is granted to use these data in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement: "The AMMA-CATCH regional observing system was set up thanks to an incentive funding of the French Ministry of Research that allowed pooling together various pre-existing small scale observing setups. The continuity and long term perenity of the measurements are made possible by an undisrupted IRD funding since 1990 and by a continuous CNRS-INSU funding since 2005."
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