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Présentation générale
Nom du jeu de donnéesCL.Run_Od - River discharge and electrical conductivity, Donga catchment
Créé le2006-03-06
Projet(s)AMMA > AMMA-LOP
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2007-06-21Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2009-12-30
Accès aux données Dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator
Description du jeu de données
RésuméLong term measurements (LOP) of the river discharge to documentate the surface water balance of 6 nested catchments (12 to 586 km2). The electrical conductivity of river water is an integrative measure that allows documentation of the origin of waters (rainfall, surface and sub-surface runoff, water table drainage). Associated to the chemical characterization of water (instrument CE.Wchem_Od), these data give insight into processes of runoff generation, allow to compute water balance components and constitute validation datasets for hydrological models.
Strategie d'observationAutomatic measurements (5-min to 1-hour) of water level and electrical conductivity. Calibration of the stage-discharge relationship is made using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profilometer (instrument CL.ADCP_O).
6 stations deployed over the Donga catchment. Running period 2002-2010 (discharge) and 2004-2010 (conductivity). Logistics and maintenance by IRD teams.
Description de l'instrument
Type d'instrumentIn Situ/Laboratory Instruments > Conductivity Sensors > CONDUCTIVITY METERS
Information géographique
Site 1
SiteDonga catchment
Type de plateformeIn Situ Land-based Platforms > GROUND STATIONS
Longitude minimale (°)1.61Longitude maximale (°)1.9447
Latitude maximale (°)9.752Latitude minimale (°)9.7106
Paramètres mesurés
Paramètre mesuré 1
Nom du paramètreWater Temperature
Mot-clé du paramètreTerrestrial Hydrosphere > Water Quality/Water Chemistry > Water Temperature
UnitéDegrees Celsius - °C
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2007-06-21Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2009-12-30
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Paramètre mesuré 2
Nom du paramètreConductivity
Mot-clé du paramètreTerrestrial Hydrosphere > Water Quality/Water Chemistry > Conductivity
Unitémicro Siemens per centimeter - µS/cm
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)2007-06-21Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2009-12-30
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Information sur l'utilisation des données
Conditions d'utilisation des donnéesPermission is granted to use these data in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement: "The AMMA-CATCH regional observing system was set up thanks to an incentive funding of the French Ministry of Research that allowed pooling together various pre-existing small scale observing setups. The continuity and long term perenity of the measurements are made possible by an undisrupted IRD funding since 1990 and by a continuous CNRS-INSU funding since 2005."
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