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Nom du jeu de donnéesCL.Gwat_Od - Water level in rural wells and conductivity, Donga catchment
Créé le2005-12-01
Projet(s)AMMA > AMMA-LOP
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)1999-08-22Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2005-12-31
Accès aux données Dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator
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Description du jeu de données
RésuméDocumentation of charge-discharge processes of the saprolith groundwater on the Donga catchmant. Contribution to the water balance of the Donga catchment Electric conductivity is an integrative measurement of the ground water chemical composition. This parameter is used to define the groundwater pole in hydrograph separations.
Strategie d'observation3-times a day, manual groudwater level measurements fro 11 wells and hourly groundwater measurements for the 11 others wells equipped with a logger. Groundwater manual electric conductivity measurements in 10 wells.
Description de l'instrument
Type d'instrumentIn Situ/Laboratory Instruments > Gauges > WATER LEVEL GAUGES
ModèleWater level meter / Thalimedes
Information géographique
Site 1
SiteDonga catchment
Type de plateformeIn Situ Land-based Platforms > GROUND STATIONS
Longitude minimale (°)1.4968Longitude maximale (°)2.6466
Latitude maximale (°)10.1137Latitude minimale (°)9.0181
Altitude min307.76Altitude max488.8
Paramètre mesuré
Nom du paramètreWater Table
Mot-clé du paramètreTerrestrial Hydrosphere > Ground Water > Ground Water Features > Water Table
Date de début (yyyy-mm-dd)1999-08-22Date de fin (yyyy-mm-dd)2005-12-31
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Information sur l'utilisation des données
Conditions d'utilisation des donnéesPermission is granted to use these data in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement: "The AMMA-CATCH regional observing system was set up thanks to an incentive funding of the French Ministry of Research that allowed pooling together various pre-existing small scale observing setups. The continuity and long term perenity of the measurements are made possible by an undisrupted IRD funding since 1990 and by a continuous CNRS-INSU funding since 2005."
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