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Nom du jeu de donnéesAE.RSO3_Od - PTU and Ozone radiosondes, Cotonou
Créé le2006-01-20
Projet(s)AMMA > AMMA-EOP
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)2005-01-17Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)2007-01-26
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RésuméSampling the vertical distribution of ozone in the troposphere and in the stratosphere at the vicinity of Cotonou.
Characterisation of the seasonal (and interannual if possible) variations of ozone over equatorial Africa.
Assessment of transport pathways from the different source regions.
More over, this sounding aims to complement the SHADOZ network which provide no ozone data over continental equatorial Africa except Nairobi so far.
This network aims to characterize the ozone distribution in the tropics and thus to participate to the validation of the AURA satellite products.
Strategie d'observationOne sounding a week for the two years of the EOP (Dec. 2004-Nov. 2006) at fixed day and time. The frequency will be three times a week during the SOP (Jun-Aug 2006).
Links with other instruments. Coupling with ground based observations (AE.VAN_OR, AE.Aerosol_RW), aircraft data (SOP et MOZAIC if available) and satellite data (ex: AURA validation in the frame of SHADOZ).
Site information
Type de plateformeIn Situ Land-based Platforms > GROUND STATIONS
Longitude minimale (°)2.23Longitude maximale (°)2.23
Latitude maximale (°)6.21Latitude minimale (°)6.21
Altitude min10Altitude max31520
Description de l'instrument
Instrument 1
Type d'instrumentEarth Remote Sensing Instruments > Passive Remote Sensing > Profilers/Sounders > RADIOSONDES
Instrument 1, parameter 1
Nom du paramètreAir Temperature
UnitéDegrees Celsius - °C
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Instrument 1, parameter 2
Nom du paramètreWind Direction
Unitédegrees - degrees
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Instrument 1, parameter 3
Nom du paramètreWind Speed
Unitémeters per second - m/s
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Instrument 2
Type d'instrumentIn Situ/Laboratory Instruments > Chemical Meters/Analyzers > OZONE SENSOR
Instrument 2, parameter 1
Nom du paramètreOzone Mixing Ratio
Unitépart per million - ppm
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
Instrument 2, parameter 2
Nom du paramètreOzone Partial Pressure
Unitémillipascals - mPa
Date begin (yyyy-mm-jj)Date end (yyyy-mm-jj)
Précision du capteur / Incertitude
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